What is a Slot?

If you love slots, then you’ve probably heard of the famous 60 Minutes segment on slots. It aired on 7 January 2011 and was followed up by an episode on 8 May. The segment explored the controversial nature of slots and the people who play them. Now, more than ever, the world of slots is seeing a revolution. Here’s what you need to know about the latest innovations. The history of slots isn’t over, but it’s definitely in the making.


A slot has a specific grammatical function in English. It is a part of speech that fits any morpheme sequence. This grammatical function is what distinguishes a slot from other words. A slot can also refer to a job opening, assignment, or interior opening on a copy desk. In a newspaper, for example, the chief copy editor occupies a “slot” in the copy desk. In an airport, a “slot” is a designated slot by the air-traffic authority.

The idiom “slot” is used to describe many modern youths. The definition of “SLOT” is “slave of technology.” This term refers to people who are addicted to electronic gadgets and can’t live without them. This definition applies to both guys and girls. The term “SLOT” also describes the position of the chief copy editor in a newspaper’s copy desk. The author of the dictionary defines a slot as “an opening” with a narrow top and bottom, or as an interior opening on a door’s frame.