New Casinos and Local Unemployment Rates


Local unemployment rates may fall after a casino is introduced in a community. Although the casino may have contributed to lowering local unemployment rates, the rate should be compared with the statewide unemployment rate to determine if the new casino has indeed had an impact on local employment. The employment growth in the casino area could be a result of the natural business cycle and economic changes in other sectors. However, this argument may be overstated. Regardless of the effects of a casino on employment, it is important to consider local unemployment rates before a decision is made.

The casino maintains security by installing elaborate surveillance systems. These cameras watch every corner of the casino, including the floor and tables. Dealers focus on their own games and may be unaware of the suspicious behavior of patrons. Other employees, such as pit bosses and table managers, monitor the tables. They look for signs of cheating or unusual betting patterns. Each employee has an officer above them to monitor their behavior. The goal is to avoid incidents of cheating in the casino that can lead to criminal activity.

The first time visitor to a casino may find the surroundings confusing and overwhelming. Often, casinos are large, open rooms, and it’s hard to tell how to move around and interact with other patrons. People appear to know what to do, but it can be hard to tell if they’re merely observing and interacting with the staff. Although security cameras, pit bosses, dealers, and security personnel monitor the casino environment, the rules are rarely posted.