The Basics of Casino Etiquette


A casino is a place where you can play games. Generally, it offers blackjack and other table games, as well as video poker and slots. Occasionally, it also offers games like scratch cards and lottery games. Some casinos have arcades and other games that are exclusive to them. The rules and payouts of each game will vary from casino to casino, so it’s essential to read the rules and pay close attention to them.

First time visitors to a casino may find themselves in a confusing place. The rooms tend to be big and open, with a slew of people doing what they’re doing. There are security guards, pit bosses, and dealers. There are few signs, and it’s easy to get lost.

While the casino itself may be full of gaming tables, there are also restaurants and entertainment venues. While it’s generally illegal to use cell phones in a casino, you can use them outside. Most large casinos have walls that block cell phone reception. If you want to make calls, you must go outside to get dial tone. Cell phones and pagers are also prohibited in the sports book.

Another essential element of casino etiquette is tipping. Dealers receive a minimum wage, and they expect tips when you win. Tipping is not mandatory, but some dealers suggest that you tip them 10% of your net win. While this is considered a generous amount, it’s still worth considering. Most casinos pool tip money and distribute them evenly.