The Dark Side of Casinos


When you walk into a casino, it’s a place where you feel like you could win big. People clap and laugh around the tables, and you feel a rush of excitement that can’t be found anywhere else. You’re immersed in a world where you can bet on everything from horse races to poker, and you don’t even have to leave to enjoy a cocktail or two.

In addition to the games themselves, casinos try to make you spend more money on drinks, food and even accommodations. They call it a “comp.”

Comps are perks for players who make big bets or spend hours playing slot machines, and the casino pays them out in the form of free hotel rooms, dinners and even limo service. This gives them an incentive to keep you coming back and spending your money, which helps a casino stay in business.

You can earn comps just by playing the games, but you can also get them by taking part in promotions and entertainment events at a casino. Many of these promotions are offered to the same groups, so it’s important to ask about them when you’re booking your stay.

Most people think about casinos as a way to have fun and gamble, but there are also some very dark sides to them. For instance, casinos can use the lure of big money to keep you there longer and make you lose more than you would otherwise. They can use upbeat music and ringing bells to create a sense of possibility, and they can serve heavy alcohol to lower inhibitions and increase your chances of making a bad decision.